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 Wolfgang A. Strahl

He was formerly Senior Vice President of Textile Research and Implementation at Cotton Incorporated where he played an instrumental role in the development of innovative new products and processes for the manufacturing, dyeing and finishing of textile-related products

Prior to joining Cotton Incorporated he was Manager of Textile Product Development at Prodesco, PA and Vice President of Dyeing and Finishing at Cold Spring Company, Yardley, PA. Both companies were divisions of Koracorp Industries, San Francisco.

While at Cotton Incorporated, Strahl presented to Cotton's customers worldwide the concept of "Total Engineering of Cotton Textile Products." He is the holder of patents on Simulated Leather Polyurethane transfer coating.

To contact:
Wolfgang A. Strahl
Textile Engineering
Tel: 910.256.2622
Cell: 910.352.3405
Fax: 910.256-2622

Dr. John D. Turner


As Textile Development Scientist while at Cotton Incorporated, he brought worldwide recognition to Cotton Incorporated pertaining to basic textile chemistry research and product implementation at textile companies.

He is an expert in textile finishes, including durable press, soil release, fire retardancy, stain resistance, wrinkle resistance etc. Among many other awards, Dr. Turner received the AATCC International Henry E. Milson Award for Invention in 1997. He has over fifty publications and patents to his credit.

To contact:
John D. Turner, Ph.D.
Textile Chemistry
Tel: 864.877.0140
Cell: 864.414.5416

     Ellis Davis, Jr.

He held a wide range of manufacturing and technical positions with Burlington Industries and Nano-Tex, including Research Laboratory Supervisor, Dyeing and Finishing Manager, Plant Manager, and Division Technical Manager.

He also has a number of publications and patents in application of colorants and textile finishes. In 2002, he received Cotton Incorporated's Technological Achievement Award in Apparel for the use of nanotechnology in durable textile finishes.

To contact:
Ellis Davis, Jr.
Textile Product Development
Tel: 864.855.4460
Cell: 864.915.9909
Fax: 864.855.7010

Additional associates with a wide range of experience are available to assist, as needed.


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